November 1st

director: Charlie Manton

Producer: Teodora Shaleva

dop: Molly Manning Walker

A mother and daughter travel across state to witness an execution.

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More Hate Than Fear

director: Billy Boyd Cape
writer: Molly Manning Walker                                                                                                        
producer: Nicholas White & Matthew Lloyd Hodgkin
dop: Molly Manning Walker


Following the experiences of a graffiti writer as he navigates the first months of his 3½ year prison sentence.                                       

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Stop and Search

director: Harry Jackson                                                                                                  
producer: Milly Upton
dop: Molly Manning Walker

Two black guys ‘randomly’ stop and search two police officers. A play on role reversal.


My Mother

Dir: Charlie Manton
Producer: Hannah Cole & Eliza De Pasquale

Dop: Molly Manning Walker

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director: Lesley Manning

producer: Analise Davis

dop: Molly Manning Walker

A short film about climate change from the perspective of seven year olds.



director: Billy Boyd Cape                                                                                                      
producer: Juliette harris
dop: Molly Manning Walker

Reach was made with Random Acts and Sadler's Wells. The 4 Minute Film was broadcast by Channel 4 on 7th August 2018. 
The film looks at parenthood. Botis walks out on his son as he journeys through the suburban streets he questions wether it was the right decision.