More Hate Than Fear

director: Billy Boyd Cape
writer: Molly Manning Walker                                                                                                        
producer: Nicholas White & Matthew Lloyd Hodgkin
dop: Molly Manning Walker


Following the experiences of a graffiti writer as he navigates the first months of his 3½ year prison sentence.                                       

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director: Billy Boyd Cape                                                                                                      
producer: Juliette harris
dop: Molly Manning Walker

Reach was made with Random Acts and Sadler's Wells. The 4 Minute Film was broadcast by Channel 4 on 7th August 2018. 
The film looks at parenthood. Botis walks out on his son as he journeys through the suburban streets he questions wether it was the right decision. 

Not With Fire, But With Paint

director: Molly Manning Walker

producer: Molly Manning Walker & Joya Berrow 

dop: Molly Manning Walker & Lucy Jane


Not With Fire, With Paint is a short documentary exploring the impact of the murder of Diego Felipe Beccera.


On the 19th of August 2011 Diego was painting on the streets of Bogota when he was shot in the back by a police officer. Since then the police have fought to cover up the case.

Diego’s parents have resisted. In doing so they have managed to change the laws and perception of graffiti in the city. Through paint the graffiti community have empowered the youth.

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director: Frank Lebon                                                                                                        
producer: Nat Baring
dop: Molly Manning Walker


A film following a dog that witnesses a murder. 

Shot on 16mm, Super 8 and DV 


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